Import Export Made Easy – Explaining the complex in simple terms to guide you judiciously through the global business maze

Many people are drawn to International Trade, import/export, like moths to a candle.

Perhaps its romantic visions of camel caravans winding slowly across the desert sands; square rigged sailing ships bringing exotic cargoes across the high seas; or to be more contemporary, delivering container loads of merchandise to your local department store and making a small, or preferably large, fortune.

The reality is that many importers and exporters have lost their fortunes, due to circumstances often beyond their control.


• government policy changes;

• importer’s cargo lost, destroyed, or worse, not delivered;

• insurance claims rejected;

• strikes by wharfies or longshoremen delaying cargo; or

• exporters who have had payments default.

The dilemma?

Whether or not to take a chance in importing or exporting.

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guiding you judiciously through the global business maze

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Lance Scoular
The Savvy Navigator

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I’ll be your guide, and you’ll learn from my extensive experience in import/export, what traps and pitfalls of international trade to avoid.

You'll also discover numerous tips and tricks I’ve picked up over my 40+ yesrsin import export. (To learn more of my background and expertise, click here.)

80% Of Businesses Normally Fail Within The First Five Years, but…

That's just for everyday local businesses.

For import export businesses the percentage will undoubtedly be much higher…

Probably closer to 90 to 95%.

However, this well-known business maxim need not apply to you.

If you study carefully the principles of International Trade laid out for you here and apply them as you develop or refine your import export strategies, you will reduce your risk of failure, and increase your potential for success and profits.

Whether you’re wanting to start a small home business, a BIG BUSINESS, or alternatively, you want to improve your expertise for your current career or change your job and get into a more exciting career, (with travel possibilities) jump into the import-export-made-easy starting blocks - right now.

I'll show you the good the bad and the ugly.

You'll come to realise that International Trade and Transport, whilst being a minefield for the unwary, can, with sound strategies and guidelines, be a lot easier than you think.


Let's get started and quickly dispel your worst fears about import/export.

Let me show you how, with the right knowledge, resources and contacts, you can indeed become a successful importer and/orexporter or indeed a Global Trader.

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