A step by step guide on how to start
an import export car business

A new manual that shows you the inside secrets to to start a import export car business, profitably exporting/importing cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles.

This is a one of a kind manual written by a licensed car dealer, Don Massey. It gives you the complete details on importing and exporting cars for big profits. It shows you how to get a dealers license so you can get into dealer only auctions.

"The Beginner's Guide to Importing Exporting Automobiles" gives you the insider secrets from interviews and information from exporters, shippers, foreign nationals, Department of Commerce personnel, foreign embassies, and foreign trade associations. Experts in the business. It will guide you step-by-step through the decision using the UK as an example country to export cars.

Don Massey
Don Massey Consulting Inc Colorado Dealer License #38936

For three years Don’s customers have been asking for a insider's guide on how to export cars. Now its available! And you can have it in 10 minutes or less!

What you'll learn:
-Import/Export? - Which country?
-What country to export/import with.
-What are the most profitable export cars to export to that country.
-How to determine the retail prices of export cars in that country.
-How to buy U.S. cars at low wholesale prices from auctions and dealers.
-How to safely ship your export cars.
-How to find the regulations, taxes, duties for any country with one phone call!
-How to find overseas dealers and partners ready to buy every export car.
-How to easily sell export cars overseas by operating as a "finder" for US cars.
-How the government will support you with specialists in Washington whose job is to help.
-Names and addresses of 200+ U.S. contacts for major foreign markets.
-400+ Government and private contacts in all 50 states.
And much, much, more.

A step by step guide on how to start an import export car business

Title How To Start A Import Export Car Business.

Author/Publisher:  Don Massey/Don Massey Consulting Inc Address 8201 Lighthouse Court, Fort Collins, CO 80528
Country:                USA

Description:  This is a one of a kind manual written by a licensed car dealer.

It Gives You The Complete Details On Importing And Exporting Cars For Big Profits.
It Shows You How To Get A Dealers License So You Can Get Into Dealer Only Auctions.
NOTE: Relevant Mainly to the USA, However, the enthusiasts in other countries could take the information and, with targeted research, adapt the techniques to other countries.

Format: Downloadable ebook and FREE reports

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